The Hen Night Is The Equivalent Of The Stag Night

The Hen Night Is The Equivalent Of The Stag Night

Before every calm wedding there is a wild night of drinking, dancing, singing and fooling around. The white long dress the bride has on today replaces the neon tutu and personalized t-shirt and sash she was wearing a night or a weekend before. As for the groom, guess what he had on at his stag party: an Elvis Presley costume and a ball and chain around his ankle.

What do you call this? It is not a costume party, yet you often wear one; it is not exactly a wedding, yet there is a bride and groom; it can’t be a birthday party, yet there are presents and sometimes even a cake…

In the US, if the groom has a bachelor party thrown by his best man and closest male friends, the bride will have a bachelorette party preferably on the same night, with her female friends and relatives, coordinated by the bridesmaid. In the UK, Australia and Ireland the same occasion is called a stag and hen party respectively, while the Canadians use the terms stag and stagette for the same night of fun.

But whatever you prefer to call it, it all comes down to a small number of generally accepted rules: plan the party in advance, make sure it fits the groom’s or bride’s tastes, raise all the money it takes and surprise the stag and hen with blushing gifts and games and accessories. Maybe the boys need balls, guns, cards or even strippers, but everybody knows that on a hen night, accessories are the code to the fun land.

The ideas are countless when it comes to planning the wildest night before the big day. While boys find amusement in playing cards, going to the big game, fishing the big fishes or throwing their supply of singles in a dancing girl’s bikini, girls start the fun night with a sort of a ritual: the accessorizing.

Funnily shaped shot glasses, neon make-up, gloves and tiaras, hair mascaras and tights and of course, personalized badges are just a hint at what a woman can have on at a hen party. All these often come as gifts for the bride to be and are of course as parts of everyone attending the party.

Everything is like a race between the two sexes on such nights. The stake is having the time of your life. And of course, both sides often win. And so ends the story of the man and wife who had to be stag and hen and then groom and bride, in order to live happily ever after.