Silly Over Silly Bandz

Silly Over Silly Bandz

They might not be your typical trendy piece of jewelry and you probably won’t see celebrities donning them on the red carpet, but Silly Bandz have quickly become the craze of the day. These bracelets don’t have diamonds or pearls and aren’t even made of gold or silver but kids everywhere are snatching these fun little accessories up. Silly Bandz are simply brightly colored, stretchy bracelets being showcased on the arms of kids nationwide.

Now, Silly Bandz are not just your typical every day rubber band. In addition to being brightly colored, they come in dozens of assorted shapes like zoo animals, pets, musical instruments, sports list goes on and on. The bracelets come in packs of 24 and only cost around $5 each. Their affordable appeal and fun shapes make them the perfect craze during times when parents are doing some serious penny pinching. What’s even better is the fact that the bracelets are easily accessible. You can find and order them online and in stores – if you’re lucky. They are so popular that stores have a hard time keeping them on the shelves for any length of time.

Like any good fad, Silly Bandz have not come without their share of controversy. You might be thinking, “How could a cute little rubber band cause an uproar?” and I completely agree. I was shocked to learn that these seemingly innocent accessories have gotten to be such a problem, they are starting to be banned from schools across the country. Apparently, Silly Bandz are so popular with the young generation, they have become a distraction in the classroom. Kids are trading their Silly Bandz with one another, arranging swap meets and fiddling with them during instructional time. Sometimes too, a trade goes bad and a fight ensues. The amount of Silly Bandz a child has even, in some schools, delegates their playground social status.

There have even been reports from doctors and surgeons regarding health hazards for these little bands. Some doctors say that caution must be used with these bracelets because there is a potential for blood flow constriction. The danger is more concerning especially if the child is wearing a ton of them stacked up on their arms and wear them for hours at a time, or even fall asleep with them on. There haven’t been any official reports put out and the packaging does warn consumers and there most likely isn’t much to worry about.

All of this uproar is a surprising reaction to such a simple piece of jewelry. It’s also kind of a shame that the adult community is reacting the way they are. Silly Bandz really have the capability to be a learning tool for children. They not only can teach shapes, animals, etc. but the swaps and trades kids make with each other encourages social interaction and can be the beginnings of a great business future for some. This might sound silly about just a little rubber band, but let’s face it – they are.

Don’t be surprised either if you catch celebrity children wearing these neon bracelets. Maybe the company will catch on and start creating Silly Bandz for the celebrity world that are embellished with diamonds, gemstones and pearls or even shaped like the trademark names of luxury designers. There is a lot of potential for these cute little accessories and not even Miley Cyrus’ line of kids jewelry could catch on like the Silly Bandz.