It’s All About the Wedding Bomboniere

It’s All About the Wedding Bomboniere

There are many things that make up the wedding bomboniere collection from favour boxes to mesh sweet pouches and more. These are tiny things that your guests can take away as a reminder of the good times that they had at your wedding and that they were well looked after and appreciated.

Wedding Bomboniere must haves:

This Greek and Italian tradition is fast spreading all around and we believe every good tradition must be adopted with aplomb.

Favour Boxes:

These interesting boxes can be quite the conversation starter. You get them in interesting and funky styles like Chinese take out boxes or flip flop slipper boxes to shiny silver favour boxes. Favour boxes are small and compact and usually contain almonds as the tradition goes or contains chocolates. There is even a novel idea of combining the two with chocolate covered almonds. Favour boxes can be customised to suit the theme of your party which is an excellent start to the evening’s festivities.

Sweets & Confectionery:

Instead of the favour boxes you can place pouches of sweets and confectionery on the plate settings. They can either be clear pouches or in one of the many innovative and funny ideas that bomboniere makers come up with, for e.g. there is a bride and groom pouch in which the sac is made from the bride’s dress and the grooms shirt tails.

Mint Boxes:

You can have lovely mint boxes with clear lids or with sealed lids so that people have after meal breath fresheners which are a definite hit. These boxes can be used even later on as they are so attractive and useful.

Bride & Groom Drinks Stirs:

You get very quirky bomboniere ideas like bride and groom drink stirrers after all the evening is all about the wedded couple! But you can even get them in quirky shapes like a miniature bride and groom, or one black one white with each others initials on it. Wire stirrers with initials again made of twisted wire.

Bride and Groom Food Picks:

These again can be made in the same way as the drink stirs are made. These are just a miniature version to pick hors d’oeuvres.

Bride and Groom Notepads:

This is a cool gift idea. These notepads shaped like the bride and groom is a cool keepsake and every time they are used, you and your wedding will be remembered.

Bubble Bottles:

Today as many places prefer if you don’t throw rice in the traditional way, blowing bubbles is a great alternative. Not only does it look beautiful when all the friends and family blow bubbles but is also not a waste.

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