Guide to find the right fit for t shirts

There is no piece of clothing more versatile than a t-shirt. Choosing the right t-shirt can be a tricky job for many. With a wide variety of fabrics, fits, and finishes available in the market, it becomes quite tedious to choose from among them. A T-shirt is considered to be the most comfortable outfit both for men and women. It can go really wrong if the fit is not appropriate and can mess all other things for you. Here’s our guide to find the right fit for t shirt according to your body shape and size.

The first thing that you should keep in mind before buying a t-shirt is that you should be aware of your body shape and size. Without this knowledge, it will be very difficult for you to choose the right piece of clothing. Also, knowing the right size will ensure that the seam between the shoulder and arm lies directly on the joint. If it is a small size, then the seam will line up and thus pulling the sleeve which will give it a weird look.

T-shirts come in various fits. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Muscle fit

If you have an athletic body and you are one who is quite regular to the gym, your body will embrace clothing that sticks to it and makes the body shape quite visible. These athletic t-shirts have the capability to hug your body and emphasize your muscles. If you go for a size that is way too small than yours, then it is possible that the sleeves get pulled up and they won’t be able to give your muscles the required definition and emphasis.

It is therefore suggested that you buy tight-fitted shirts if you are buying a muscle fit.

  1. Baggy fit

Various trends keep on appearing in the t-shirts and this is one of them. Although traditionally tight-fitted ones were more popular among masses, nowadays, loose-fitted t-shirts are gaining popularity. They provide a baggy look to the person wearing them. Moreover, these t-shirts also provide a unique sense of style along with comfort and relaxation. Baggy does not mean that you can go for buying oversized ones, it just means that the fit is loose than the normal clothes and therefore you should choose to buy your regular size only.

  1. Tight fit

If you have a stocky body, you should neither go for baggy, nor for muscle fit t-shirts. They will enhance the stockiness of your body further. For such people, the normal tight fit will work fine. Wear a shirt that is neither too small, nor too big.

Apart from the above-mentioned types of fits, there are some other points which should be kept in mind while buying the right fitted t-shirt.

One of them being the stripes. If you have a heavy and bulky body, it is always advised that you do not go for horizontally striped t-shirts as they will add to the stockiness and bulkiness of your figure. You should rather choose vertical stripes, which will give you a taller look. Vertical lines enhance the sense of your height while working with the natural lines of the body.

The second thing that should be considered is the neck of the t-shirt you are planning to wear. It is suggested that you do not buy an oversized t-shirt with V-neck. It does not look good. Oversized or baggy t-shirts look good with round neck, and V-neck goes well with the tightly fitted ones. Neck type becomes crucial especially if you are buying a collarless t-shirt.