Choosing Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Shoes is one of the important things that support your appearance when married. How to choose the right wedding shoes? What to consider. But the affairs of the shoes are often overlooked for the bride. In fact, wedding shoes plays an important role to smooth the course of the wedding ceremony. Beautiful and comfortable shoes will support you to be a princess last night.

Many things must be considered in choosing the shoes that are planned to be used once in a lifetime. Moreover, the shoe is worn not only one or two hours, but long hours. For the bride and groom, choosing shoes is one important step that needs to be done after having a wedding dress. Getting your dream shoes is hard, but if you know what you’re looking for and need, search will not be too difficult.

Things to consider before choosing wedding shoes:

Quality materials

Comfort is the first factor you should consider in choosing wedding shoes. Choose shoes with quality materials to minimize the risk of skin abrasions due to long wear. Quality shoes are usually very concerned about the wearer’s comfort

Fitting time

Time to try shoes also turned out to have an influence. Afternoon is the most fitting moment for you to try shoes. Because, in the afternoon, the shape of the foot will be slightly larger.

Familiarize yourself

After fitting, other tips that make your wedding shoes feel comfortable is to familiarize your feet walking using those shoes. Get used to walking at home using your wedding shoes for 15 minutes. It will make you familiar with your wedding shoes. Especially if the bridal shoes have a high right and you are not accustomed to using high heels. By practicing walking with your wedding shoes at home, you no longer need to be afraid of slipping on your wedding shoes. If made of leather, get used to wear it is also useful to adjust the shape of your feet with these shoes and make the shoe skin more elastic.

Simple model

Choose a wedding shoes with a simple model so you are not complicated when wearing it. Generally, Strappy sandals are rarely used by brides because it complicates the bride while wearing them. The strap will press the legs so your feet become swollen from standing too long and the blood flow is not smooth. So, choose the least amount of wedding shoes to keep your feet comfortable. Think back for those who want to use shoes with high heels, for example 12 cm. Can you stand more than 3 hours wearing those shoes? If indeed you are forced to choose very high heels, choose heels that are not pointed. Platform shoes is the best solution because it has a shoe sole that draws the front-back so slightly reduce the burden on your heels. The point is, do not push on shoes that do not make you comfortable just because the model alone is because it means torturing yourself at your special occasion where you should be the happiest person.

Anti slip sole

This one thing is also very important when you choose or make wedding shoes. Make sure the shoe soles you choose are not slippery and do not try the shoes on the carpeted floor, but on the tile floor. Trying on a tiled floor is useful so you can feel the shoes are slippery or not.

Cut nails

Do not forget also to cut your toenails. Moreover, if you choose a shoe that front is closed. Toenails are too long will cause a sense of uncomfortable when rubbed with a closed shoe. Nothing wrong if you also do pedicure care.

 Add a shoes pad

The last thing that is also important to maintain the comfort level of your wedding shoes is to prepare shoes pad or shoe-shaped mats, jelly, or silicone. Shoes pad is useful for adding comfort and flexibility of shoes.