Be Strong – Kerusso Christian T-Shirt

Be Strong – Kerusso Christian T-Shirt

Here is a quick summary of the “Be Strong” Christian t-shirt offered by Kerusso through its authorized dealers throughout the world. With its blue background covered in white and light blue lettering, this shirt will definitely stand out in a crowd. Like most Christian t-shirts, it is available in sizes small through triple extra large.

“BE STRONG” is centered across the chest in white letters and is followed underneath by a shield centered on the front. Beside the shield is written “I can do all things through” on one side and “Christ who strengthens me” on the other. Directly under the shield is written, “Philippians” in white. On the top portion of the shield is “4:13” in blue. There are other details to the design that are harder to describe.

The verse referenced, Philippians 4:13, simply means that I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. This powerful verse let’s us know that we have the power to do anything as long as it is being done in the name of Jesus.

Kerusso Christian t-shirts are high quality shirts with powerful messages that make it easy to evangelize while doing your day to day business. Although this is only one of their designs, it gets the Word of Jesus out to the world. Another great aspect of the whole Kerusso Christian t-shirt line is their affordable price. Most t-shirts are moderately priced with a suggested retail of only $17.99.

Christian t-shirts are a stylish way to get a conversation started about our Lord and Savior wherever you are. These great tools are becoming more and more popular as styles such as this one capture the attention of onlookers while spreading The Message that is closest to our hearts. That’s the reason that Kerusso uses the simple but true slogan, “Change Your Shirt. Change The World.”

To sum it up, this shirt shares the love that Jesus and our Father have for us. By choosing to wear this shirt in whatever size you need, you are choosing to tell the world that you know the Truth and are not ashamed of Him. May God bless you and keep you safe. Remember, the fastest way up is to kneel down.