A Way to Communicate Both Love and Serenity

When we give a gift, we always want it to convey meaning of some sort. And this is especially true of jewelry. There’s something fundamentally personal about a gift of jewelry. This is readily apparent even on a surface level. The jewelry we wear involves a significant amount of subjective judgement.

When we give the gift of jewelry, we’re also showing an understanding of someone’s aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. We need to consider what colors and styles they like. And on top of that we also have to give some thought to how well the adornments will stand up to their lifestyle. A woman who loves to go camping or hiking will place a lot more strain on jewelry than one who never leaves the city.

Furthermore, we also want jewelry to mean something to people. It should be able to enhance their lives in as many ways as possible. Most jewelry will make people happy simply because it looks good. But we should always consider whether there might be more ways to make the jewelry enhance someone’s life. And this is where the subject of utilitarian jewelry comes into the picture. This can include something like wearable electronics.

A smartwatch is a prime example of utilitarian jewelry. It’s also fairly self-explanatory. People know what a smart watch is and how to use it. That isn’t always the case for these types of adornment. For example, any type of mala beads are often taken as purely ornamental. These beads, also known as Buddhist prayer beads, are an important tool in one’s meditative practice.

The beads are often quite beautiful. They are regarded as and usually gifted as jewelry after all. But again, it’s important to remember that they’re more of a utilitarian type of jewelry. It’s not at all uncommon for the person giving the gift to be rather unaware of just how useful these beads can actually be though.

This is why it’s often a good idea to make a dual gift of the beads. One can give it to a special person in his or her life. It’s not just a gift though. It’s also a reminder to embark on a spiritual journey together. The end goal for both the giver and recipient will involve learning how to use the beads for meditative practice.

Meditating using the beads is one of those practices which is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Breathing meditation is usually the easiest way to start. One simply pushes a bead when breathing in. And people will then push another bead when breathing out. One or more of the beads should have a different texture than the rest. And this will alert the meditator that they’ve finished one cycle. At that point they can either repeat it again or finish the meditations for the day.

Again, this is an easy process to start with. And the beads make it even easier because there’s no need to manually count iterations within the breathing cycle. But the process of mastering this form of medication can take some time. But that’s really the true nature of the gift. It’s not just about being beautiful. It’s also a gift of calm and steady development over time.